Our D18 Toastmasters Meeting, January 13th 2015

By | January 18, 2015

Impressive turnout, especially considering the weather/traffic. Great to see you all.

Gareth double jobbed, SAA and a speech about his grandad who was an army Captain during the Easter Rising. And it must be said, the story was told in his trademark enthusiastic style. Karina (Toastmaster) was superb, loved the theme and it created the wonderful meeting we all enjoyed so much. She also won the Best Contribution award…and deserved it! Andy did the role of Grammarian in his usual laid back style, loved his vow to use um/ehs as his next ‘Word of the day’…funny! Liam (Poet Master) gave a fine introduction to the poem. I especially liked the reference to the poet’s wife’s dislike to his personal/revealing works. Then Liam recited one of them…loved it! Damien (Timer) gave one of the best Timer speeches I’ve seen. No notes, and a nice piece about Einstein’s ‘relative time’. Damien showed that with a little preparation you can make every role interesting and valid. Juan (Topics Master) followed suit. His topic for James was inspired (and challenging) and kudos to James. It was such an enjoyable session and Liam won the Best Topic Award. Gerry’s Ice Breaker was also impressive. Not only did he cover the objective to use existing skills, he also covered many of the other CC speech objectives. Paula gave her Stage 2. New Year’s Resolutions, the history of them, when to make them, and how to succeed in completing them. I was impressed with the way Paula stood away from the lectern and how she kept her composure when she occasionally had to use her notes. We sometimes forget that TM is not a ‘memory club’. If you need to use notes…use them! The first time I abandoned mine was my Stage 10. Your 2nd speech can be a tricky one, there is more (self-imposed) pressure moving to a 7 minute speech. Paula’s speech was a collection of packets of data. It was a really interesting speech…but a really difficult one to remember. It took me a while to realise that writing a speech which follows a story, one with a chronology, is much easier to remember. And you spend less time preparing as well. I still remember my 2nd speech, standing behind the lectern, notes in hand…well done Paula. Karen gave an advanced speech about wheatgrass. She is such a fluent speaker, but her skills were gained by work and dedication. Karen speaks in other clubs often. And she’s proof positive that most great speakers aren’t born…they’re made…in places like Toastmasters. Great job Karen. Peter Graham GE’d the meeting…always a pleasure to welcome Dublin South Toastmasters, thanks for stepping in Peter. John Kelly and Emer Cannon (visiting Toastmasters) were also very welcome guests. Congrats to Emer for the recent little ‘Toastmaster bundle’ and best wishes to John on his approaching grandfatherhood 🙂 Evaluations by James, Mairead, William and Brendan were also impressive. I’m like an anti-GE! I rarely pay too enough attention to the evaluators. It’s not because I don’t value their roles…because I do. It’s because it’s a skill I’ve yet to master. Well done all of you.

If I’ve forgotten anyone, Karen will be on my case tomorrow morning and I’ll rectify.

A great start to the New Year.



Colm Roe, President