Karen O’Donnell describes our Halloween Meeting, 29th Oct 2014

By | September 5, 2014
Quite a different meeting last night. We experimented with a different format – we placed Topics before the speeches, and the speech evaluations came directly after each speech. Andy Elman was our Toastmaster of the evening with a meeting theme of ‘winning’. 

Visiting District 71 Governor, Luanne Kent, attended and presented our President Colm Roe with his much deserved ‘Outstanding Member’ award. This was in part related to the conferral of Distinguished Club status on Dublin South Toastmasters.

James gave us a Halloween themed Table topics which resulted in some very entertaining participation from the audience.  Liam and Gareth gave Stage 3 speeches. Liam gave us an insight into the way we behave (as a collective), and the way we are controlled by people who are aware of our ‘herd instinct’. Monty Python’ sprang to mind immediately. ‘Yes, we are all individuals’ –  Well done Liam.
Gareth demonstrated the benefits of education. He recently attended a public speaking workshop and applied some of the advice into his speech. His eye contact, impressive use of pause and his reminder that using ‘you’ instead of ‘I’ all combined to grab us. We were compelled to listen. Great speech Gareth.
Our Speech Evaluators for the evening, Karina and Mairead, did not have much time to prepare, and were both excellent in their deliveries – a demanding role, especially with the change in format… well done!!

And Ted Corcoran. What a disguished TM to have in the audience. The only Irishman (or indeed European) to have been President of Toastmasters International. But he was charming, funny and wonderful, and a pleasure to welcome to our new club. His workshop was a treat. We learned how to write a speech in 10 minutes. I was also impressed with his ability to remember names.

Thinking about Ted afterwards what really impressed me was his generosity. For instance, how he devotes so much of his time passing on the skills he gained from Toastmasters. That’s a real Toastmaster. And it’s something we should aspire to. We begin our journey trying to improve ourselves, but then discover that, by helping others, we become better communicators, and (sometimes by default) better leaders.
Wonderful meeting. Big thanks to all involved. Karen