December Newsletter

By | December 22, 2014

Letter from the Editor

It is a privilege to write the editorial for the inception Christmas 2014 D18 newsletter.

I joined Dublin South Toastmasters about two years ago, without any real preconceived idea of what the organisation was and how it might benefit me, or indeed the enjoyment it might bring. The journey has not been an arduous one, and I strongly believe that the passage has helped my personal development enormously.

Like most new joiners to Toastmasters, my first sense about my ‘form’ in public speaking, be it face to face or phone calls, was my self-consciousness with my tendency towards “ums” and “ahs” at each utterance. After listening to a few of my own (recorded) speeches, and hearing the corresponding evaluations, I realised that it sounded awful – it makes you sound indecisive and nervous. Furthermore, I realised  it detracted significantly from my essential message.

After joining, my next milestone was the ice breaker; for some reason I wasn’t nervous and I didn’t write it down – I thought ‘what is all the fuss?’, but it was a story about me, so of course I knew it quite well – then came the other speeches to complete the CC manual.

I agonised constantly about how I am going to remember these brilliant speeches that I had spent ages writing.

I had a ‘eureka’ moment between (I felt) my disastrous 8th speech and my 9th speech. I decided that memorising speeches was not my forte. What was I to do? In essence I decided what I wanted to say, but I didn’t have to be word perfect as the only person who would know I had missed anything would be me. Once I got my story/ideas across…that is the main objective. A few months later Ted Corcoran explained to me how I could do this very thing.

We are all members of a new, vibrant club and the potential for our success is only limited by our ambition and attitude. The exemplary work carried out by Colm and Karen in establishing the club can only be applauded.

Thank you for reading this article and enjoy your time in TM.

Andy Ellman CC- Editor