Our D18 Toastmasters Meeting, 25th Nov 2014

By | November 28, 2014
Our D18 Toastmasters Meeting, 25th Nov 2014
Hi all,
Hope you all enjoyed the meeting as much as I did. Apologies for going over time with my Educational segment. And thanks again for your attendance; 16 out of 19 members attended (sadly Luke and Alberto are abroad so cannot attend). That’s quite a statement about your dedication, support and commitment to making our club the best it can be. It speaks to your enthusiasm for increasing your confidence and speaking skills.
By speaking regularly you progress rapidly, and that’s abundantly evident in every single member. I often mention personal goals, and how important they are. I suppose the first goal any Toastmaster should set is a personal promise to attend as many meetings as possible…well you’ve got that one sorted!
That commitment creates many positives. One of the greatest being an amazing atmosphere. There’s something almost addictive about entering our meeting room. When you surround yourself with like-minded, positive, friendly people, and combine that with…well, with everything else…the ‘about to go on stage’ tension, the knowledge that you’re going to be surprised, entertained, educated and possibly be chosen to stand in front of your peers and speak about something you’ve never really thought about before. It’s quite a cocktail!
I’m not going to mention everyone tonight. You were all brilliant! Derek, loved it when you abandoned your notes…your best speech so far. Karina’s first B word used in D18. It’s amazing how one word can convey so much, and with such impact. Swearing isn’t always appropriate, but it can be used to great effect. And it was a super speech.
Tim, another best yet…by a distance. I wasn’t the only one you impressed. Build on that by speaking more often. Andy, Powerpoint slides worked so well, especially the devastating effects of fracking…very powerful. A pertinent message nicely delivered.
Will challenged us (thankfully not me) with a theme linked with Darina’s. Some great replies and Gareth’s response won the Best Topic award. 4 impressive evaluations by Gareth, Hellen, Karen and Brendan. William GE’d, mentioned the ums…umed a bit…then promised that he’d finish his report without using any more. And he was as good as his word. Well done William. He gave first timer Damien Monaghan the Best Contribution Award for his role as Poet Master. His first ever role in D18…well done Damien.
Paula timed the event, Liam was Grammarian. Both performed admirably. And lest we forget, these are extremely important roles in Toastmasters. Every person who stands up to speak is giving a speech. The timer is training us to convey our message as succinctly as possible (note to self) and the Grammarian introduces new words, he/she also assists in reducing our ums.
Darina was TM, she had a well thought out theme which, in my opinion, really made it an interesting meeting. Super job Darina…she even liked my ‘headstones’ 🙂
So much for not mentioning everyone! Thank you all for another memorable meeting.
This is ‘Grandad’ signing off. 🙂
Colm Roe, President (26th November, 2014)