Our D18 Toastmasters Meeting, 9th December 2014

By | December 22, 2014

To Dublin 18 Toastmasters

Hi all,

I really enjoyed that meeting. Everyone performed well. James (and Karen) excelled at counting our ems…funny! I particularly enjoyed ‘Larry Clause’ demanding 20 mins and General Evaluator Andy reminding him that TM Gareth calls the shots! Paula telling James to put the camera away…I’ve a personal story to tell that links here 🙂 Damien’s Ice Breaker telling us not to be sheep. Brendan leaping onto the stage (without notes) to evaluate Darina’s ballet speech. New member Gerry’s superb discription of the Time Keeper’s role…also without notes. Juan changed my mind about dog breeding. Karen’s succinct evaluation (less is sometimes more) of Hellen’s honest and wonderful speech. Derek’s SAA opening and Gareth’s chairmanship. I also enjoyed Karina and Tim’s evaluations.

A very brief summary of our meeting. What I’m trying to say is that there was a real sense of confidence about the meeting. We are comfortable enough to speak our minds, to challenge and engage. All of the most enjoyable meetings for me contain these elements. We will continue to improve and excel, and continue to thoroughly enjoy our meetings as long as people like Larry demand 20 minutes – people like Andy (in orange T-shirts) tell him that it’s the TM’s decision – and as long as everyone just keeps doing what they’re doing.

Hope to see you all next Tuesday.


Colm Roe