Our D18 Tall Tales Competition, 27th January 2015

By | January 29, 2015

Hi all,

Super meeting tonight. Big thanks to all who attended, organised and performed. As I suspected, there was a huge amount of humour from the speeches. (And the Topics) Andy was superb as Contest Chair and he is very close to receiving his CL award. Well done Andy, a really professional job. Mairead’s Topics were excellent, loved the way she introduced each topic with quotes and historical information…we were educated and entertained. A lot of thought and preparation went into her role.

The quality of the speeches was really something. Probably the best Tall Tales Contest I’ve been to. William not only won the contest but also won Best Topic…this is becoming a bit of a habit William, you greedy gut 🙂 All of the speeches were brilliant, take a bow one and all. I’m a bit peeved with Juan though, for revealing the fact that he and I are starting a boy-band. Lol. He might have a chance, but my boat sailed a long long time ago.

Big thanks to the timer, judges, counters; especially Cathal from Dublin South. And a really big thanks to Karen. She was so supportive to Andy, as she is to every member of our club. Karen is the most pro-active VPE, and we are very lucky to have her pushing our club forward. She is going to be one hell of a President! We didn’t have a Grammarian counting our ums/ahs, but Karina was keeping her beady ears open and mentioned to me that they were almost non-existent…kudos to you all.

Something else that wasn’t used…notes! There’s a lesson in that. These were story speeches, which are easier to remember. Something to think about as you’re writing your next speech. And they were fun speeches to perform, with this type of speech you’re more inclined to look forward to giving it. As I’ve said before, looking forward to a speech (actually enjoying the thought of it) is the Holy Grail of public speaking…for me anyway!

Apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone. See you in two weeks.


Colm Roe

Club President